Simposium Participant                   280 €
Simposium Companion                    80 €
BC Sea Kayaker Award                    225 €
BC Coastal Sea Kayaker Award      235 €
BC Sea Kayak Leader Award           275 €

Insurance                                             19 €
3 Breakfasts                                         23 €
7 Breakfasts                                         53 €
3 Picnics                                                27 €
7 Picnics                                                63 €



Registration form

Clic to open the registration form


Open the registration form

Complete and send the form.

You will receive a confirmation email with your data.

Do the payment with Bank card or by Bank transfer.

In case of transfer you will receive a confirmation email of your registration once the payment has been verified. Confirmation is automatic in case of ank card payment.

In case of doubt or incident send message to:

Bank Data

Transfer to Pagaia Club de Caiac IBAN:   ES6921000595270200139111 SWIFT / BIC: CAIXESBBXXX   by the specified amount and reference number you will find in the data confirmation mail.



he participation in the Symposium and the Paddling week includes access to the area of free camping, participation in the activities and two dinners (Sunday and Thursday).

The modality Symposium and Paddling week companion includes access to the area of free camping and two dinners (Sunday and Thursday).


Insurance fee is compulsory for those participants not helding a personal insurance


We offer a free camping site within as area provided by the Town Hall.

Access available from 17h00 on Friday March 31 th to April 9th. The area should be free at 14h00.

In case of other accomodation requirements should be arranged separately by the participants.

For other accommodation please check:

Pets / Animals

Pets or animals are not permitted in the camping site.


For the 3 days of the Symposium there is the possibility to book breakfast and/or lunch (picnic).

For the 4 days of the Paddling week there is the possibility to book breakfast and/or lunch (picnic).

Kayak rental

You may rent kayaks at:

SK Kayak


Kayaking Costa Brava


In case a person who has registered is unable to participate in the Symposium, the Pagaia Club will pay the registration fee back (deducted bank charges), providing that the registered person informs Pagaia at least 30 days before the Symposium start date.

The fact of registering and paying the registration fee does not entitle a registered person to transfer their registration fee to other person.

In any case would the change of a registered person be accepted, and no person could take part in the Symposium unless they have correctly registered in advance of the symposium.

Expert international coaches


Anna Moreno

Anna started kayaking on 2003 and she got very soon hooked on it and on the contact with nature. She loves paddling close home, in the Costa Brava…..

Ashley Williams

I started kayaking when I moved to Norway in 2010. I found myself working in a camp school where kayaking and canoeing were lead activities so I soon became introduced to the water.

Coralline Bourdon

Whenever I could, I swam with sea turtles in Guadeloupe

Damien Caillard

I’m a river kayaker which is in love with the sea!

David Appéré

Start kayaking in 1987 at Landerneau with the club “Les Alligators de l’Elorn”, where he was volunteer since 1989

Dirk Sanders

Rachel and Dirk are running How We Roll, teaching beginner and advanced Greenland rolling and Greenland paddle strokes.

Eiichi Ito

In 1998, I started to fall in love with Greenland-style kayaking. Before that, I was European style. However, once I learned the joy of Greenland style, I never went back to European style.

Eila Wilkinson

I started sea kayaking in 2008 and completed my first solo circumnavigation of Anglesey the same year in 14.40 hours. After this trip Nigel suggested I circumnavigate Ireland

Elke Grunwald

Elke Grunwald, a primary school teacher, is now paddling for more than 20 years. She started with a folding boat on the rivers around her hometown Bremen and later she was guiding tours with her family and friends in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

Erin Bastian

Erin is a UKCC level 3 sea kayak coach and BCU 5* sea kayak leader.

JC Eloy

I discovered sea kayaking in Corsica and this new way of visiting the coast immediately appealed to me. So I took my license at Palavas Kayak de Mer in 2010.

Jean Marc Terrade

An expert in coasts and coastal management, nature guide, specialist in nature and outdoor sports education and particularly in water sports.

Jérémy Saadaoui

Jérémy has been passionate about sea kayaking for 15 years and this passion quickly turned into a way of life.

Jerome Leray

I started sea kayaking 15 years ago and soon become a nice passion.

Julie Perren

Julie discovered kayaking later in life after moving to South West of England.

Kai Urban

Kayaking is my perfect way of traveling along beautiful coastlines.

Maligiaq Padilla

Taught youth through Elders traditional Inuit qayaq/umiaq building and paddling, rolling and safety from beginner through expert levels, power and hand tool use and construction safety:

Marc Martin

Marc Martin began sea kayaking in 2001 when his friend David came into the library of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, banged his hand on the table and said, “There, look what I’ve bought. I have a Kayak”.

Maxime Jacob

I am 22 years old and I am passionate about water sports. Sailing and sea kayaking instructor, I live in Brittany.

Michal Madera

Already, when sitting in the sea kayak for the first few times, I set my eyes on the circumnavigation the of mainland of Britain. Three years later I successfully achieved my goal accompanied by my wife Natalie. 

Mirco Goldhausen

He bought a second hand NDK Explorer in 2006 whilst living in Switzerland and has been passionate about the sport and the versatility of the sea kayak ever since.

Natalie Maderova

Nathalie, original from Czech Republic, has started to paddle in Britain, and considers the tidal Thames her home water.

Nigel Dennis

Nigel Dennis began sea kayaking at the age of 23, and within three years had completed the first circumnavigation of Britain, with fellow kayaker Paul Caffyn…

Nigel Foster

His kayaking mantra/philosophy is maximum effect for minimum effort.

Pau Calero

Kayak instructor since 1999, and has been a coach at every Pagaia Symposium.
He is a BCU Coach Level 2 and BCU (5 Star) Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, and Sea Kayak trainer (TD2) of the Catalan Canoeing Federation (FCP).

Rachel Kehoe

Rachel and Dirk are running How We Roll, teaching beginner and advanced Greenland rolling and Greenland paddle strokes.

Rene Valner

Rene Valner is founder and owner of Sea Kayaking Estonia.

Rick Cooper

I live near Plymouth – Britain’s Ocean City. It’s a great place to paddle – the wild coasts offer challenging conditions with big swells and rocky cliffs

Roger Rovira

I’m a travel, nature and adventure photographer and I share this activity with guiding sea kayak trips for the company KayakingCostaBrava during some months a year

Stephen Miles

I have lived all of my life on Holy island off the west coast of Anglesey, North Wales, with its dramatic coast and fast flowing tidal streams the backdrop to my misadventures while growing up.

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