In 1998, I started to fall in love with Greenland-style kayaking. Before that, I was European style. However, once I learned the joy of Greenland style, I never went back to European style.

After that, I gathered comrades from all over Japan and organized “QajaqJPN,”. And the club became a Qaannat Kattuffiat official club.

Currently, I have completed my presidential mission for QajaqJPN, and am totally free. For the last few years, I have my own studio, STORM SHELTER(, where I hold workshops for Qajaq making and roll classes. And I also respond to offers from overseas. Below is its history.

2011: USA (SSTIKS)
2012: Argentina (Maria Valley)
2013: USA (Delmarva)
2015: Spain (Limens)
2017: Spain (Tenerife, Canary Islands), Russia (Sakhalin)
2019: Greece (Ithaca), USA (SSTIKS), Canada (Comox)
2020: Singapore (National University of Singapore)
2022: Canada (Ucluelet), Greece (Ithaca)

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