The Symposium wants:

 To offer a place where to learn and share knowledge, skills and experiences related to sea kayaking. A big potential concentrated in a few days with contributions from guests, collaborators and paddlers. In this iX Edition we will focus, as always, in the different technical aspects, on navigation and safety which are the basis of our activity but we also want to enrich this event with an approach and discovery of the natural values of our environment, their richness and the biodiversity to be protected by all of us.

By presentations and activities we will highlight the role that kayakers play in the preservation and conservation of our environment.

The Symposium will consist on:

  • The three principal days, the Symposium itself, on April 1th, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Four additional days, the Paddling Week from  4th until April 7th, to offer the participants the opportunity of navigating with expert guests in groups of different levels, to bring to practice what we have learnt and paddling and exploring and discovering the natural landscape and the cultural values of the Cap de Creus and the Costa Brava.
  • From April 4th to April 7th, those wishing to train and possibly attain sea kayaking certificates, will have the possibility to participate in the British Canoeing courses “Sea Kayak Award, Coastal Sea Kayak Award or Sea Kayak Leader Award”

During the Symposium new material will be presented by different companies.

Also, as always, the families and companions of the participants will enjoy an interesting holiday, discovering Llançà and the many possibilities that the zone offers:

  • Beautiful walks and observation in the Natural Parks of Les Alberes, Cap de Creus and Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, along the Romanic routes, coastal walk, GR92, etc.
  • Routes that allow us to follow the traces of various cultures that lived in this area (Iberian, Greek, Roman,…), the discovery of monuments in Empordà (megalithic, Gothic, Art Nouveau, …) or industrial ( wineries, cooperatives …)
  • The scenery from where the genius of Salvador Dalí got his inspiration and where he left a lot of his work.

Where the Symposium will be held? :

All activities will take place in Llançà thus becoming the Kayak City as it last was in 2019.

There will be designated locations for all kayaking activities (on the beach), as well a leisure and evening activities, overnight stays, not to mention other things for anyone that accompanies you.

All participants are welcome to stay in Llança in a free camping area available by courtesy of the Llançà Town Hall, from who we appreciate the support.

There are also diverse accommodation alternatives which can be accessed at

Looking forward to your participation.

SYOTW  (See you on the water!)

The 2023 Symposium Commission

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