A registration will be necessary in all practical activities. Some activities will have a limited number of participants.

In some of them the number of participants will be limited. For sea activities the participants will have to be equipped with clothes accorded to the weather conditions and should be equipped with the appropriate gears needed for each workshop.

Most of the land activities will be open door and interactive inside the kayak city so that the number of participants will be only limited by the room capacity.

We will try that the explanations will be understandable for everybody and with active participation, if there is enough material for everybody, the companions will be able to assist to this activities as listeners. We will try to do a short summary of the explanations in the several languages.

In case of complicated weather conditions the organisation could redefine the minimum level needed to participate in a water workshop.

Any information about coaches, material, activities timetable, etc., will be held every morning in a daily form during the Symposium days.

All participants should follow the safety rules decided by the organisation and be properly dressed according to the specific requirements of each workshop.

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