Pagaia club

Dear friends
When Pagaia Club de Caiac Cap de Creus started its journey in 2002, few could have imagined that during these 20 years of history we would be able to make the journey that has been made. During this time, we have navigated all kinds of seas: there have been times against the current where progress was difficult and costly and others of stormy weather, where the force of the wind and waves could make us capsize at any moment. Despite all the adverse weather conditions, we have overcome all the obstacles we have faced and the Club has managed to maintain itself by achieving an enviable record. Unfortunately, not all the people who started the journey or joined afterwards are now with us. A memory for all of them.
Pagaia Club de Caiac Cap de Creus has established itself as a reference organization in the field of sea kayaking, both national and international. Today, Pagaia is the sum of all the people who have been there and who have sailed throughout these 20 years of crossing, some of them steering the ship and others paddling in a calm and safe manner.
The Club has placed Llançà at the epicentre of sea kayaking. We have turned the town into the international capital of this sport. Cap de Creus is everywhere in our history. Today “Parc Natural de Cap de Creus” is a reality and the Club watch over to maintain the values ​​that make it a unique place and paradise for kayakers.
The Club is made up by people who love this sport but above all we are women and men who love the sea, the environment we paddle and the sport. The main asset of Pagaia is the human factor. The Club is formed by people who, in one way or another, selflessly and voluntarily, dedicate part of their time to it and without the strength of volunteers it would not exist as it is. Thanks a lot to the instructors who, edition after edition, trust us and come to Llançà to share their knowledge and friendship.
Now, after the forced stop we had to make, we are in front of our most international challenge: the organization of the IX International See Kayak Symposium. The Club has been working to make it a reality for some time. We hope that our work will result in a good symposium. We would also like that, once these days are over, you take away a good memory of our Club, of Llançà, the Mar d’Amunt, the Cap de Creus and Costa Brava, and may the sum of friendship and positive experiences leave a pleasant mark on your memory.
The symposium will not happen without the invaluable cooperation of the Llançà City Council, which from the very first minute, 20 years ago, was confident in our project and at all times has supported us. Many thanks to the whole council.

Salut! i força a la Pagaia!!

Manel Teodoro
President del Pagaia Club de Caiac Cap de Creus.

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