Once the 3-day Symposium is concluded, the Paddling Week is an opportunity, extending for four further days, for those paddlers who wish to stay on and continue to use the same facilities, and enjoy the friendship of others, during which time there will be kayak trips each day to different parts of the Mar d´Amunt, the Cap de Creus and the Costa Brava in general.
The trips will be guided by Pagaia members or by some of the Symposium Coaches. Most of the trips will start from Llançà, though we intend to also enjoy other sites along the Costa Brava.

The trips will be announced during the week, and will depend on the weather and sea conditions. Each day, according of your paddling level or mood, you will be able to choose between the various trips being offered.As usual, there will be one official dinner organized for the whole group during the Paddling Week, and as well there will be plenty of opportunities for sharing experiences, information about past or future expeditions, and other interests… In the case you have interest in sharing any information you will surely find the way of doing it during the paddling week.


Each day, depending on the forecasted weather conditions, a long and a short trip will be announced. In order to make logistics and organisation easy, independent paddler groups will be set up of those participants who sign up for the respective trips. Every group will be lead by a member of Club Pagaia, usually accompanied by one or two Symposium Coaches. Every day forms with the name and short description of the trips, including coaches and assistants will be posted on the notice boards.


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