Already, when sitting in the sea kayak for the first few times, I set my eyes on the circumnavigation the of mainland of Britain. Three years later I successfully achieved my goal accompanied by my wife Natalie. 

It was this paddling journey, which really opened my paddling horizons and I went on many sea kayak expeditions since, in Britain, Alaska, Iceland or France. 

I love to challenge myself and to explore different limits of sea kayaking regardless if it’s in the surf, tide races or distance challenge. 

One of my latest personal challenges was to circumnavigate Isle of Wight twice in one day. It took the right set of mind and eventually I covered the distance of 100NM in 20hrs 20mins solo unsupported. 

I love to share my passion of paddling with people as a coach regardless if it is salty water, whitewater or stand up paddle boarding, out in the open or on my home water in Central London.

I am Advanced Water Coach and Leader in sea kayaking, white water coach, provider of several personal awards across many disciplines, and the Sea kayak leader moderate water and Coastal SUP leader award. 

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