Marc Martin began sea kayaking in 2001 when his friend David came into the library of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, banged his hand on the table and said, “There, look what I’ve bought. I have a Kayak”.

From that moment on Marc’s technical progression emerged through self-study methods and conferences organized by his kayak club. Eager to progress his training he found strong support outside of his country’s borders, participating in technical conferences in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, whereas being instructed by the BCU.

Currently being a sponsored paddler of Lendal Paddles for SKUK Marc works actively as a technician at some symposiums along Europe.

He is a coach from the Spanish paddler Federation, from the BCU and EPP.

He has made several expeditions starting with Javier Knorr in the return to Ibiza. He carried out large and small expeditions in Italy, France, Sweden, the Basque Cost, the Galician Coast, Balearic Islands, Germany, Greenland, Mexico, New Zealand. Having collected a lot of experience abroad he doesn’t neglect his home coast the Costa Brava where he enjoys the sea every day, its cliffs, its Mediterranean peoples and sometimes the “Tramuntana” wind.

He participated in 2008 in Greenland Games that are held every July in Greenland where he won 4 gold medals. However, the most important victory was the peaceful coexistence and the reception given by the greenlandic people and getting the opportunity to learn about their customs and their way of understanding life.

Since 2011 he is the cofundator/director of Sea Kayaking Spain, offering a wide sort of sea kayaking courses for all levels, being a Nigel Dennis Kayaks and Lendal paddles dealer, and offering logistics and support to expeditions in Costa Brava.

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